Care You Get In A Skilled Nursing Facility

Skilled nursing care is provided by a skilled nursing service. Skilled nursing care can be provided in a nursing home, hospital, assisted living community, or other certified community or space. Skilled nursing care usually falls within a few categories such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, wound care, and intervenous therapy. 

Physical Therapy

The first type of skilled nursing care that you can get is physical therapy. Often, after one has undergone surgery or been hospitalized for an illness, your entire body feels the impact. For you to get back to your former physical condition, you are going to need to undergo physical therapy. Generally, a plan will be created to help you reach your physical therapy goals, with the assistance of trained physical therapists and skilled nurses.

Occupational Therapy

After surgery or hospitalization, occupational therapy is just as important as physical therapy. Occupational therapy is about helping you get ready for the physical and social tasks that you need to undertake.

For example, in occupational therapy, you will learn how to dress again and how to feed yourself again. Your coordination will be worked on through a series of exercises that will help you get back the necessary coordination for everyday tasks. You will undergo memory training as well, so you can remember how to do important tasks.

Speech Therapy

Many medical conditions can impact your ability to speak and swallow as you should. At a skilled nursing facility, you will work with a speech and language pathologist in order to regain your language abilities as well as your ability to eat properly.

Wound Care

Often, following a surgery or hospitalization, you may have a wound that requires special care that would be difficult to take care of on your own. In a skilled nursing community, you will have a nurse who will take care of your wounds and make sure that they heal properly. They will change the bandages, apply medication, and take care of your wounds until they are completely healed.

Intravenous (IV) Therapy

Finally, a skilled nursing facility can offer you intravenous therapy. If you need to take intravenous medication, a nurse will administer the medication and they will take care of the IV.

In a skilled nursing facility, you will have access to all the resources you need in order to record from your surgery or hospitalization. Generally, your insurance or Medicare will pay for this type of care in order to help you recover and get your health back. In many cases, you will leave the skilled nursing facility when you recover, and you will return home.