How To Help Your Parent Adjust To Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities can provide many benefits for elderly adults. They do not have to worry about household chores anymore and can make new friends. However, some seniors may have trouble adjusting to assisted living in the beginning. If your parent is moving into an assisted living facility soon, you can do certain things to help them adjust.

Here are a few tips to consider.

Help Your Parent Customize Their Room

When your parent moves into an assisted living facility, they will have their own room. It may be helpful to add familiar items from their old home in their new room. For example, you may want to help your parent put up photos of family and decorations on the walls. Then, the room will feel like their own space.

Encourage Your Parent to Participate in Activities

A great aspect of assisted living communities is all the activities they provide. No matter what your parent's interests are, they can find something they enjoy at an assisted living facility. for example, if your parent is into physical fitness, you may encourage them to take group fitness classes at the assisted living center.

Visit Frequently

Many seniors who are moving into assisted living communities worry that their family and friends will not visit them. That is why it is important to visit your parent on a regular basis. Doing so may help them adjust to assisted living more quickly.

Encourage Your Parent to Make New Friends

In an assisted living facility, your parent will be surrounded by people their age and similar. Encourage your parent to talk to other people who live in the community and form friendships with the. If your parent makes an effort to form new friendships, they can adjust to assisted living easier.

Understand That the Adjustment Will Take Time

Moving into an assisted living center is a huge step. As such, you should not expect your parent to get adjusted in just a couple of days. It will likely take some time for your parent to get fully adjusted to living in an assisted living facility. Continue to support your parent throughout the adjustment period.

If you follow these helpful tips, you can help your parent adjust to assisted living. If you think that your parent may benefit from living in an assisted living center, you should schedule tours at reputable assisted living facilities in the area soon. For more information on assisted living, contact a professional near you.