Managing Your Health As Your Memory Fades

If you're aging and realize that your memory is fading, that can be scary and worrisome. To continue managing your health in spite of memory lapses and other memory-related problems, try these actions.

Stop Ignoring the Problem

Even if you realize that you're 'losing time' or that your memory isn't as sharp as in the past, you may ignore it. You might claim you just didn't get enough sleep last night or that you "just forgot." Being honest about your memory is vital so that the situation doesn't deteriorate so much that you're unable to help yourself. Acknowledge the problem; you can then take steps to address it.

Ask the Doctor

You need to know whether your memory loss is age-related or whether you're slipping into dementia. Your doctor is the best person to discuss memory problems with. They can give you a specific treatment plan which could help improve your coping skills or avoid trouble related to your fading memory. 

Once your physician is made aware of what's happening, they can track your progression and monitor how well you're able to function. This is important because there may be a point where you're no longer the best judge of whether your memory is good.

Keep to a Certain Schedule

Many people with memory issues, including those with more serious issues like Alzheimer's disease, tend to respond well to regular, repeated schedules. If you always have lunch, do some gardening, and take a nap in the afternoon, that routine is comforting when you start to forget parts of it. For example, if you're doing some gardening in the afternoon and find that you don't remember much of the day, the fact that you're gardening will remind you that it's the afternoon and a nap is next.

Ask for Help

You might feel embarrassed to ask children or neighbors to check on you, but reaching out for help is a brave thing to do. Ask them to ensure medications are being taken and that you've eaten throughout the day, for instance.

Consider a Memory Care Facility

Memory care facilities exist for people like you. They provide stability, assistance, and activities in a safe setting for those whose memory is deteriorating. Talk to children or other loved ones about whether a place such as Siskiyou Springs Senior Living could be suitable for you. A memory care center is perfect if you also have physical chronic conditions; as those become more serious, the center's nurses and aides can help you manage those in addition to memory loss.