Looking To Place Your Loved One In A Senior Living Center? 3 Food Related Questions You Should Ask

Selecting a senior living center to move your loved one into is one of the biggest decisions you will face. Many people agonize over their choice, as they want to ensure their loved one is properly cared for and happy. As you look to select a center, one of the factors you may be looking at is the food. You want to ensure your loved one is served healthy and nutritious food that they also enjoy. Here are three food-related questions that you should ask as you go about trying to pick the right senior living center for your loved one. 

1. What Does the Daily Menu Look Like?

Before you place your loved one in a senior living center, always ask to see a copy of the daily menu. Many facilities offer two different options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This helps to ensure that your loved one will have choices and that there is something available in case they don't like one of the options. In addition to seeing the menu, ask if you can come during meal time and look at the quality of the food being served. 

2. What Happens If My Loved One's Dietary Needs Change?

Another important food-related question to ask is what happens if your loved one's dietary needs change. Your loved one may be diagnosed with diabetes or may need a soft food diet at some point in time. A senior living facility should be able to accommodate dietary changes and work to ensure your loved one's needs are being met. Asking what happens when and if this occurs can give you peace of mind that your loved one is being cared for should this happen. 

3. Can Outside Food and Drink Be Brought In?

Lastly, ask if outside food and drink can be brought in and what the procedure for that is. During the holidays or during your regular visits, you may wish to bring your loved one a special treat or one of their favorite foods. Some facilities do not allow outside food or drink to be brought in, as residents may share the food with individuals who shouldn't be eating those foods. Other facilities allow it to be brought in, as long as it is consumed when you are there and is not shared. Asking what the rules are in regards to this can help you know what to expect if you plan on bringing special foods to your loved one. 

Food is only one factor you need to consider when selecting a senior living facility for your loved one. However, it is an important factor. If your loved one is not happy with the meals that are being served, the may not want to eat. This can impact their weight, their health, and their socialization skills. Asking these questions can help you ensure that your loved one gets the nutrition they need, while also being satisfied with their meals. 

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