3 Red Flags That Your Parent Can No Longer Live At Home

If you are starting to worry about your aging parent being home alone all the time, it might be time to start considering moving him or her to a nursing home or assisted living center. Making this decision is never easy, but it is often the safest option for a parent that needs assistance. Here are three red flags to watch for that may help you know that now is a good time to start looking for a facility.

Your parent has lost mobility

As people age, it is not uncommon for them to begin having mobility issues. This can happen from age and hard work, and it can also happen from a fall or accident of some kind. If your parent can barely get out of his or her chair, or if he or she is having trouble getting from one room to another, it might be time to think about moving him or her.

When seniors begin having trouble with mobility, they may be at a higher risk for falling and injuring themselves. In addition to this, a loss of mobility might prevent your parent from being able to get to the bathroom in time, or complete other normal daily tasks.

Your parent isn't eating right

If your mom or dad is beginning to lose weight or is becoming weaker, it might be because he or she is not eating right. Many seniors fail to eat right, and it is often for one of these reasons:

  1. They cannot go to the store to purchase food.
  2. They are not able to cook food anymore.
  3. They forget to eat.
  4. They are not mobile enough to get to the kitchen.

Eating healthy is important for people of all ages, but when seniors do not eat right, they can become weak and tired. A lack of good nutrition may also have negative effects on a senior's mind and mood.

Your parent is doing things that are abnormal

Many seniors move to nursing homes because they begin to experience problems with dementia, or they just become forgetful. When this starts happening, they may begin doing weird things, such as:

  • Wandering off and getting lost
  • Placing things in weird places
  • Forgetting to get dressed or take showers

Some of the strange things seniors do can be dangerous or harmful to their health. If you are starting to worry about your parent, or if you have noticed any of these red flags, it might be time to start looking for a nursing home. To learn more, make an appointment with a nursing home in your area (such as Regina Nursing Center).