Care Services for a Senior Who Is Experiencing Incontinence

Incontinence is a medical condition that many seniors experience. Weak pelvic floor muscles or an overactive bladder could impede the voluntary control of muscles. If you will be seeking in-home senior care for a family member who is enduring incontinence issues, furnish some support aids and provide the caregiver with some insight concerning the medical issue.

The Support Aids

Adult diapers, pads, and waterproof liners can be used to minimize messes. You may be relying on some of these products now, but should make an effort to purchase surplus support aids that a caregiver may need. Store all of the support aids within an accessible area that contains other care products that your relative may need while they are being monitored by a home health aide. Other supportive aids to consider investing in include catheters, chair protectors, and adaptable clothing. 

The Caregiver's Services

The caregiver you hire should be compassionate about the incontinence issue and be able to handle accidents as they occur. A caregiver interview will help you assess an individual's personality and skill requirements. If your relative does not have any issues other than incontinence, their daily schedule should reflect this.

A caregiver can be hired to simply monitor your loved one and to provide care services as needed. For the rest of the time that your loved one will be at home, the caregiver should allow your family member to continue their daily activities as they normally would.

Your Directives

If your family member's doctor has prescribed medication or a care routine that your relative needs to adhere to, you will need to provide this information to the caregiver. Writing a list of all of the directives that you would like the caregiver to follow will prevent any details from being overlooked. Create a checklist that will allow the caregiver to keep track of the tasks that you have assigned to them. Request that the caregiver provides you with feedback too.

If any problems are encountered during a shift, you will likely want to be notified of the situation at hand. Having an open line of communication with the caregiver you hire will help you stay on top of your loved one's status. Implement a schedule that involves laundering soiled clothing and restocking incontinence support aids. This will ensure that your loved one is provided with the staple items that they need each day.

For more information, ask an in-home senior care service near you.