Benefits Of Enrolling In An Assisted Living Facility

Are you wondering what options are available for you or your aging loved ones now that they can no longer live alone? Are you looking for an assisted living facility in your area? There are many benefits to assisted living facilities. One of the biggest benefits is that aged patients can receive care from medical professionals while still living independently. Those who have a family member or a friend in a nursing home can attest to the hard work that goes into making these facilities feel like home. Moreover, Medicare approves assisted living facilities as skilled nursing homes, which means that Medicare will cover most costs, especially medical expenses. Here are some important reasons why assisted living facilities may be the best option for aging patients:

Short-Term Residence for Independent Patients

An assisted living facility is a suitable option for seniors who can take care of themselves but may require help from time to time. This type of home allows residents to maintain their independence while temporarily receiving assistance with everyday activities, such as getting dressed or preparing meals. For example, geriatric patients who would otherwise be independent can move into assisted living facilities following surgery or a broken hip. The offered services allow the patients to recover under professional supervision until they regain the ability to live independently. Moreover, assisted living facilities provide supervision and medication reminders for people who need additional help.

Activities That Match Patients' Preferences

Aging people need engaging activities to keep them occupied. Most assisted living facilities organize different activities and events each week, giving residents plenty of options from which to choose. For example, residents can participate in bingo games, craft new items, sit around the fire telling stories, or enjoy casual sports games. Moreover, they can choose an assisted living facility that matches their preferences. Some facilities offer numerous activities, including competitive sports, team-building activities, and nightlife events. Others aim for calmness and tranquility for residents who need a quiet environment.

Assisted Living Mitigates Accidents

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that at least one adult aged 65 or older falls every second. As such, falls are among the top causes of hospitalization, bone fractures, and mortality among geriatric patients. This could be due to geriatric patients living at home not seeking help with their daily activities, such as going to the bathroom or climbing stairs, as they hope to retain their independence. Enrolling in an assisted living facility mitigates patient falls because the facilities are designed to meet residents' needs. Moreover, the caregivers audit the surroundings to eliminate hazards such as wet floors and poorly lit corridors that often lead to falls.