5 Benefits Of Assisted Living

Assisted living differs from a nursing home, as the elderly individual is living in a place on their own, in a community surrounded by other elderly individuals (similar to themselves), but with the same type of benefits that a nursing home has. Assisted living allows the elderly person to still feel in control and independent, but have help and care at hand as needed. See below for some other benefits of assisted living.

1. Healthcare Services

If you are an elderly individual that requires medication, there is staff to help remind you to take your medicine so you remember to do so, and take the proper dosage. There is also staff on hand to monitor your health and keep track of any changes in your mental or physical health. There is also usually a nurse or other medical professional on call 24 hours per day in case of emergency situations.

2. Socializing

It's important to keep active as you age in order to keep your mind fresh, to improve mood and to fight off depression. Most assisted living facilities offer activities daily that you can be apart of, with a number of different activities to choose from that can appeal to just about anyone. Some activities may be an exercise class, paint or craft activities, or even games.

3. Provided Meals

In assisted living, some units may offer a stove/oven to cook yourself meals, but if you aren't able to cook for yourself (or don't want to), there are usually 3 nutritious meals provided. These meals will be customized depending on your dietary needs.

4. Assistance

Personal assistance is provided with assisted living, including aid with dressing, bathing and other hygiene tasks (if needed), as well as help with housekeeping and laundry. There is usually a shuttle to provide transportation to and from shopping or medical appointments.

5. Safety

There are a number of things that can happen at home such as falling in the shower, falling in the middle of the night, slipping and falling down stairs, etc. In assisted elderly living, the units are equipped with safety equipment such as safety bars near the toilet, walk-in showers, as well as an emergency call system. It could be expensive to add these things to your own home.

Moving into assisted living may be for you (or someone you love) if you aren't yet ready for a nursing home, but are no longer able to take care of yourself safely in your home.