Your Loved One's Changing Care Needs When Memory Is Impaired

When a person is diagnosed with early dementia, it can be years before a memory care facility is necessary. If you are able to talk about growing care needs, it's always a great idea to start the conversation early. When you are aware of what the wishes of your loved one are, it can be easier to make the decision to move to an assisted memory care facility when the time is right. Once your loved one is no longer safe living at home alone, it's time to consider their options. While in-home care can help, the cost is often prohibitive for those that need care for more hours than they can afford.

The Safety of Staying at Home

For anyone dealing with dementia, safety becomes a big concern. While in the early stages the individual may be fine at home alone most of the time, the care needs are going to change. As they become more forgetful, they are going to need more support throughout the day. Caregivers can help cook meals, take your loved one to appointments, and deal with basic cleaning needs in the home. Once your loved one begins to wander and they are found outside, it's likely time to move to an assisted memory care facility.

Confusion Becomes More Common

Confusion begins to set in for longer periods of time when your loved one has dementia. While forgetting a name or missing an appointment is no big deal, chronic confusion can be very stressful for your loved one. If they do not have the support they need at home, an assisted memory care facility can help. Your loved one gets the support they need, which in turn is going to reduce their stress levels.

Standard of Living and Memory Care

There will come a time when a person with memory deficits will need consistent care. When they are at home alone, their standard of living is going to suffer. For those that can afford care around the clock in the home, it can still be more beneficial to be in an assisted memory care facility instead. Help is readily available, and your loved one doesn't have to depend on only one caregiver at a time.

Your loved one's care needs will change over time. When you make the decision that it is time for an assisted memory care facility, you are likely to feel relieved at your decision. Contact a company like Orchard Park Senior Living to learn more about what an assisted memory care facility may be able to do to help your loved one.